Cali Logan , Sahrye – Doll’s Play: Batgirl transforms Catwoman into her plaything FullHD 1080p

limp - 11042 Catwoman into her plaything.mp4

Catwoman (Sahrye) is caught in the act of trying to steal a piece of Kryptonite recently procured by the Gotham Museum by Batgirl (Cali Logan). Catwoman taunts the superheroine- its no secret Batgirl tends to wind up in peril often. Batgirl has a solution to that little problem. Batman has given her a magic remote, shes not sure what it does, but he said to use in case of emergency. This seems like the perfect time! Batgirl pulls out the device and pushes the button then watches Catwoman shrink before her eyes.
Catwoman is absolutely furious, however Batgirl loves what she sees. Batgirl then decides to see what the button on the side of the remote does and POOF Catwoman turns into the cutest little doll. Doesnt this make her foe more manageable!? Batgirl tucks Catwoman into her boot and heads home. She saved the day!
Back at home, the power goes to Batgirl’s head and she decides to show Catwoman her very own naughty side. She smooshes and smashes the little doll with her hands, feet, ass and then eventually squeezes her entire body between her bare breasts. Finally, a win for our superheroine! Batman will be so proud.

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