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Batgirl has gone missing and Wonder Woman has been searching for her for weeks. She arrives home after looking around to find a gang of thugs in her living room holding onto a beaten and weak Batgirl. She rushes into action and tries to fight the thugs, but there are too many and they quickly overpower her and tie her up. She demands to know why they’ve done this, and the head thug explains how they plan to use a new device they have to capture the minds of all the Amazonian women on Paradise Island, they plan to turn them all into sluts and turn the island into their very own Amazonian brothel, and they need Wonder Woman to tell them where they island is. Wonder Woman refuses, so they punch her in the belly, but she still won’t tell. They decide to use Batgirl to get her to talk. One of the thugs grabs her and feels her pussy to find that she is a virgin, then fucks her till he cums, the other thugs hold ont Wonder Woman, making her watch. After Batgirl has been fucked, the thugs decide to fuck Wonder Woman’s mouth, making a slobbery, drooly three-way superheroine blow bang. After the thugs fill Wonder Woman’s mouth with cum, she still refuses to talk, so the leader puts her over his knee and spanks her, then thugs hold them up and beat both girls until Wonder Woman finally cracks. With no further use for either girl anymore, the thugs strangle them.

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