Chrissy Marie – Batgirl Blackmailed FullHD 1080p

limp - 11520 Batgirl Blackmailed.mp4

Batgirl received a tip that has lead her to the secret hideout of a villain she’s been trying to bring to justice. She cautiously enters and it appears no one is around so she starts searching for anything she could use as evidence. unfortunately unaware that she just walked right into his trap! He can hardly believe it was so easily she fell for it. but then again, Batgirl does have a bit of a reputation for getting roped into perilous predicaments! Just as she finds something good she stands confidently then is suddenly clubbed on the head from behind. She stands dazed and confused for a few seconds before her eyes roll back and her body goes limp. right into his grasp! He drags the helpless heroine off to get her nice and secured. There are things he wants to know. and he is sure he has ways to make her talk!…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:15:00
Size: 1062 Mb

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