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Diane Chrystall

You are on the bed, and I cannot move when Diane comes into your bedroom. You are frozen and totally mesmerized by her. She has the power. She owns you. She tells you She is going to make me her and your wife is going to be removed from your brain. You are going to cheat your own wife and you can’t escape from her trap. She is beginning to tease you. Then when you get hard she releases you and you can move but only to hump the mattress and imagine it’s her pussy. She tease you and make you to fuck your mattress hard. After a while she comes on the bed and teases you with her wet pussy and with heg big round ass. She slides your your cock and she demand to fuck her in doggystyle hard. After cumming in her pussy she is not done with you, she throws you on your back and begins to ride you hard demanding another creampie! She wants me to look at her face when you cum. You are completely Diane’s. Her pussy milks your cock everyday. Making your cock twitch in her womb. You need to see this! Watch this video now!
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