Diane Chrystall – Supergirl In the Ropes of Despair FullHD

Diane Chrystall - Supergirl In the Ropes of Despair

Diane Chrystall

In this video Supergirl was investigating a break-in where she finds a box in the middle of a room and opens it which releases a gas causing her to cough. The gas released was a mysterious gas that causes its victims to succumb to overwhelming ecstasy of lust. She feels a weird sensation at first, then all of a sudden, she feels horny. She tries to resist the urge, but starts to grope herself. Out of nowhere the masked villain shows up. Supergirl is too distracted by the sexual urge for release. The evil grabs Supergirl by the throat. He reveals that the gas has made her vulnerable as well as increased her need for sexual release. She is too weak and horny to fight back. The masked villain punches Supergirl in the stomach. She tries her best to fight off the villain but is easily overpowered as he beats her. The Black Mask taunts and humiliates the weakened superheroine. The villain removes Supergirl’s cape and chokes her with it. She breaks free, but the villain attacks her more. The villain gropes Supergirl’s big juicy ass. He toys with the weakened Supergirl by putting her in a dragon-sleper wrestling position until all of her energy/resistance is gone. She gets blindfolded, gagged, her arms tightly tied above her head. She gets suspended. What will the Black Mask do with the vulnerable Supergirl next? You really should see this! Watch this video now!

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Duration: 00:20:00
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