Diane Chrystall – The Fall of Supergirl: Descent into Darkness – In the Ropes of Despair 2 FullHD

Diane Chrystall - The Fall of Supergirl: Descent into Darkness

Diane Chrystall

This custom video is a sequel to the bestseller “Supergirl in the Ropes of Despair.” In this video, Supergirl confronts the same supervillain and challenges him to a fair fight. She flies over the city and breaks through the wall to enter the supervillain’s secret hideout. The confrontation escalates into a sexy mixed wrestling fight, featuring moves such as Crotch grabs – Cock stroking – Head scissors – Arm bar – Wedgie – Rear naked choke – Full Nelson – Face sitting. Due to an unexpected twist, Supergirl loses in a close battle, and her hands are tightly bound with indestructible ropes. He defeated her thanks to his superpower. But what could his ability be? How did he do it? He ties her up in a spread eagle position on her stomach and starts to break her in. Supergirl tries to resist but she starts moaning out of pleasure. He spanks her huge ass slowly and sensually, then fucks her erotically from behind in that prone bone position. He doesn’t just fuck her sexy body. He fucks her mind too. Supergirl starts to lose control completely. He fills her up with his seeds. Will he successfully brainwash Supergirl this time? Will Supergirl become a supervillainess? Or is there still a chance to escape? You really should see this! Watch this video now!

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:20:00
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