Ellie Idol – Catwoman Breaks In And Gives A Risky JOI FullHD

Ellie Idol - Catwoman Breaks In And Gives A Risky JOI

Ellie Idol

Your girlfriend was resting in front of the TV but you managed to make it into your bed tonight for some zzz. Startled awake by someone rummaging through your side table drawer, you wait to see who it is before you make a move. A beautiful burglar dressed in a PVC catsuit makes an appearance with very noticeable cleavage and a handful of necklaces. Seems there’s a thief in your home… and she’s taken quite a liking to you. You could shout for your girlfriend to wake up and dial the police but the thing is… villainess women are your weakness. Your cock gets rock hard when a baddie is in your presence. This Catwoman character knows all about you. She’s been sneaking in at night and reading your private information. She knows all about your kinks and has even stroked your cock while you slumbered. Why do you think you’ve had so many wet dreams lately? Catwoman craves the excitement of possibly getting caught and so do you. You’re tired of vanilla flower sex with your boring girlfriend. You need a villainess to make your cock excited! Soon you’re following along to her red-light-green-light game instructions, wanking your cock to this supervillain while your girlfriend is in the other room snoozing. She shows off her body and uses her whip and an expensive piece of jewelry to demonstrate just how she wants you to stroke it! As a true villainess would, she messes with the TV volume, cracks her whip, and even purposely drops the necklace to try and wake your girlfriend up so you both get caught. She’s such a naughty woman!!! Soon enough though, you finish yourself off but Catwoman is mischievous. She cranks the volume up on the TV before peacing out with the jewels in hopes of your girlfriend waking up and finding you covered in your cum!! She’s such a bad girl but that’s the only way you like ’em. You anxiously await Catwoman’s return.

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