Ellie Idol – Sailor Mars Fucks And Fights FullHD

Ellie Idol - Sailor Mars Fucks And Fights

Ellie Idol

Mars can see why Sailor Jupiter kept you for fun and disposed of your stupid ugly goons! This purple-haired sailor senshi thinks you’re fuckable so she’s going to hop on your staff for a ride. Jupe gave her permission…not like she needs it though. Seems your schedule will be a bit full today as the rest of the scouts will be coming in after she cums with Mercury being next. Mars knew she’d be fucking or fighting today but didn’t realize she’d be doing both as her lust triggers her aggression. Sailor Mars hits you repeatedly, punching, slapping, spitting, and throttling, as she gets more and more aroused. Her red lips pucker in excitement as she picks up the pace and you turn different shades. You’re her fuck-toy and you’re going to make her cum no matter what!! Now open your mouth and swallow her drool as she climaxes!! Don’t worry, she’ll make sure you get plenty of rest when she’s finished with a few knocks to the dome. Nighty-night!!

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