Elouise Please – Super Girl Reveals Herself to You FullHD

Elouise Please - Super Girl Reveals Herself to You

Elouise Please

I’m your nerdy quiet work colleague and I reveal that I like you. I admit that I’ve seen you on your phone a few times at work and I question you on the type of woman that you’re into. You admit that you’re really into strong superhero types and I tell you that I think that is pretty hot. I actually have a confession…. I remove my glasses and with a flick of my hair…. I’m Super Girl!! I’ve been undercover at your work because I needed to know that you could handle my super strength! But I know that you’re the man for the job, with your big cock. I bet you would love to see me bend a steel bar over my head, or pick you up to give you a blowjob

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