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Arabella’s always an amazing subject and an absolute joy to work with. This time round I discovered that she’s an absolute master at different accents… or at least one new accent, when I had her becoming a bimbo, and she adopted a tone of voice and mannerisms not a million miles away from Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A kind of sexy quirky spellbound cockney girl prone to little bouts of slightly unsettling giggles.

VERY different from her everyday self, who’s far more elegant and well spoken!

Also this time round, she looks a lot like Gillian Anderson if you’ve ever been a fan of the X-Files and that’s the kind of look that floats your boat!

Nice and easy melts into mindlessness. It’s always hot to watch her switching from animated infuriation to total blankness. Good freezes, including one with a frozen teardrop whilst I’m doing an eye-check, which is always a special little moment when it comes to mind control, and she was happy with some degree of breast play too. (Happy for me to bounce and bare them, not so keen on the idea of lingering loving touches. Which when they bounce as well as these ladies do, is not something I miss too terribly.

She bounced them a fair bit herself, either mindlessly or bemusedly when she woke up with no idea what they were, asking why these “heavy things” had suddenly appeared on her chest.

Brilliant shoot. Definite

00:00:14 Pre interview
00:11:24 Induction
00:22:27 Need to be mindless
00:26:21 Feeling skeptical
00:33:14 Skeptical and topless
00:37:27 What are ‘breasts’?
00:40:09 Vera & Terrence (The Talking Boobies)
00:45:46 Five finger drop
00:48:36 Sillie Selfies
00:55:10 Musical Breasts
01:01:54 Frozen
01:03:15 Bodylocked Tickle Play & Replay
01:11:24 Frozen face
01:13:05 A brainwashed doll
01:16:36 Sexy submissive switch
01:28:15 Seal sounds
01:34:34 Reset!
01:42:24 Touch switch
01:45:19 Slave girl sabotage
01:52:49 Post interview

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 01:54:24
Size: 3142 Mb

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