Entrancement UK – Brook & Natalia Entranced 2 FullHD 1080p

limp - 10864 Natalia Entranced 2.mp4

After a few years away from modeling, Brook’s decided to get back into shooting, and I was one of the fortunate fellows who she initially poked about this. We’ve always got on pretty well, so I was more than happy to see her back, and when she asked if she could work with Natalia again, as they’re good buddies now, I was keen to watch them bouncing off one another again.

Natalia’s responses are beautiful and comedic, as ever, and Brook is… well pretty challenging. She likes the idea of being mind controlled, she responds very nicely to it… but she always retains a bratty streak:

00:21 Pre-Interview
06:06 Induction
22:21 One track mind / blank mind
25:40 Five Finger Countdown (Brook says no.)
30:56 Mental Bondage
34:56 Forgetting who their friend is
46:40 Bypassing Brook’s Brattiness (Raven’s Back!)
49:26 Nat dominates a happy Raven
53:42 Raven / Brook insta-switching
56:25 Nat posing Raven
58:13 Sabotage Spanking
59:24 “We want hats!” / Mind in the Hat
1:11:20 These clothes are hideous / ticklish!
1:14:27 Nude & Chatty
1:16:57 Freeze when they use the word “I”
1:20:05 If Brook won’t do it, Raven will (Posing.)
1:23:08 Mirror mirror
1:26:29 Talking about foot fetishism
1:27:54 Brook worships Nat’s feet
1:38:15 Natalia returns the favour
1:42:18 Closing Chat

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 01:46:24
Size: 3137 Mb

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