Entrancement UK – Brook Scott 7 Bamboozling the Brat FullHD 1080p

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Brook’s returns for a solo session 7 and… well as usual with Ms Scott, it’s a bit of a tricky one!

As has been established: Brook is a big ole brat. She’s willing enough to be mind controlled. She’s happy enough to let her imagination take over for a while… but if you suggest for example that she’s going to freeze any time she touches her hair, whether she consciously recalls the command or not, on waking, she’ll fold her arms, and not let her hands go anywhere near her hair. In our previous shoot with Natalia, she similarly reacted to a Five-Finger-Countdown sleepy suggestion by barely reacting right up until the point where she couldn’t keep her eyes open and longer, and then she just let herself sleep.

To get her to respond to suggestions in a way you want her to, you either have to bring Raven into play, (An alter-ego version of Brook with no sense of brattiness or skepticism) or you have to tie her mind in little knots with logic loops. Honestly this time round I had more success with the latter. Raven would mostly obey, but when it came time to say anything (reciting mantras, looping, etc), Brook would step back in and veto whatever Raven was about to do.

Logic loops though… Here and there I’d give the suggestion that on waking she’d want to do X (“Put her mouth to use and have it filled”, for example) but the more she tried to think outside of that fact (including thinking about why she was feeling that way, or whether it was her own idea or not…) she’d simply want to do it more and more. I also had her thinking that she was stripping because she wanted to, (and I didn’t) and that she wanted a foot massage because she’d always had that kink, and it was a perfectly normal kink to have. (The fetish of course becoming stronger any time she tried to think about or analyse it.)

It was actually pretty cool to see acerbic bratty Brook quite enjoying the idea of giving someone else a foot massage, or nuzzling against me like a cute little pet girl… until I let her realise just what was really happening. Which of course is where she started threatening to stomp through my foot with her high heels… Ahh Brook, never change.

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