Entrancement UK – Honour 18 Dronification FullHD

Entrancement UK – Honour 18 Dronification

Entrancement UK

Fantastic Robot themed session with Honour May for her 18th mind control experience.

We utilize a modified version of the “Drone Space” script by Kelly Ewer to get Honour very strongly associating with an objectified, drone-like, emotionless identity and she takes to it brilliantly.

When she’s in her own head, she’s cute, flirty, playful, cheeky, silly and dorky.

When she’s droned, she’s mindless, blank, robotic in her movements and speech and occasionally (and it is only occasional) misconstrues commands in a very robotic glitchy way.

Part of this shoot was commissioned, so thank you Mr Commissioner for the request for the adjustable mechanization level and the “YOU LOVE MY ROBOT BODY” section.

Awesome shoot. Honour’s looking hotter than ever. Director’s Choice

00:10 Intro
07:15 Negotiation Check
07:35 Robotization Induction
26:00 Reactivating Honour Persona
27:15 Drone activation test
28:00 Drone sensation suspension
28:40 Honour gets Ragdolled
29:05 Testing Drone’s Locomotion / Dance Moves
29:46 Resuming (A Baffled) Persona
30:20 Song Lyric Recall Removal
31:40 Slack Check
31:55 “On / Off” Trigger Installation
33:15 One Track Mind: Karaoke Girl
35:30 Remote Control Configuration Pose Modes
38:50 Honour Persona Active: But still remote controllable!
39:50 Lex forgets that Honour’s a flopper…
40:20 Damage Mitigation Subroutine Installation
42:30 Installing Restraining Bolt
43:30 Mental Suspension, Remote Control Body
44:03 Configuring Dance Modes (Podium & Club)
44:55 Installing Locomotion Lock
45:25 StripTease Dance Mode
45:45 Hands-On Frozen StripperBot Inspection
48:30 Topless Fembot Rigidity Reposition Testing
49:30 Persona Resumes, Control still Prioritized
52:12 Loop Function
53:15 Shower Mode
53:40 Flirtation Mode
54:40 Adjustable Mechanization Level
57:10 Adjustable Mechanization Dancing
57:50 Workout Mode
1:00:00 Embarrassed to be controlled
1:02:30 Suspending Persona
1:04:00 Though Restriction: Wants to be a Sex Toy
1:05:19 But let’s collar her first…
1:07:25 Self Stimulation Mode
1:08:30 Though Restriction: Blowjobs
1:10:30 Regains her senses… but not her control
1:13:05 Though Restriction: Being the perfect girlfriend
1:14:10 Frozen Mid “Proposition”
1:14:30 Experiences Intercourse
1:15:23 Adjustable Mech Level Mid-Fuck
1:16:05 POV plaything
1:20:45 Sex Robot Dictation Mode
1:22:00 Senses Regained
1:22:45 Switching her complaints on and off
1:23:20 HonourBot spills some more of Honour’s Kinks
1:24:15 Clit Teasing
1:24:55 Mental On / Off Triggering
1:25:55 Outfit Change: Silver Fembot Suit. Trigger Test
1:30:55 Her legs aren’t friends (takes this literally)
1:31:55 “Drone” Drone Mode
1:33:25 (Oblivious) Verbal Tic Installation
1:36:45 Sales Mode
1:39:15 Sales Girl Remote Controlled and Mechanized
1:41:00 Dictation Mode: You love my robot body
1:42:30 Puppeteering Mode
1:42:55 Mind Returns
1:44:12 Re-engaging Sexual Subroutines
1:45:00 Hands controlled by her sexdrive
1:47:30 Mirror Masturbation
1:49:50 Personality Resumed, Arousal Overload
1:51:11 Doll Pose Orgasm on Command
1:51:41 Final Ragdoll Drop

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 01:52:24
Size: 3474 Mb

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