Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils Jennifer White – Wonder Woman X 3 Leprechaun Gone Bad FullHD 1080p

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Mr. O’Hanlon, the “Leprechaun,” has returned and he is pissed! English Banking Corporations are Ireland. The Leprechaun swears to use his magic to destroy this new English Banker Menace to Ireland. Noble though his motives may be, Wonder Woman obeys Amazon Law that forbids using magic to alter mortal outcomes. It’s a battle royal of Manly Irish Justice versus Amazonian Law and Order!

Wonder Woman shows off her Amazonian Feminum Bracelet deflections, super strength and magic lasso toss and capture. Mr. O’Hanlon is quickly on his knees powerless and tied up in golden lasso bondage. Wonder Woman knows nothing shows the error of villainous ways like some Ancient Hellenic (Greek) Female Domination (FEMDOM).

Watch out Wonder Woman! Leprechauns are magically resilient!

A careless command, a Leprechaun magical “switch – a – roo” and Mr. O’Hanlon is free and Wonder Woman is bound in her own magic lasso. Mr. O’Hanlon gives Wonder Woman a classic TV magic lasso interrogation to learn how to make her helpless. The villain removes Wonder Woman’s magic belt and Feminum Bracelets. Helpless! Defenseless!

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Duratio: 00:36:16
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