Freeze Sam Bourne, Clemence Audiard – Taxi Driver HD 720p

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Clemence Audiard is an independent, self-made woman, and she certainly rubs her cab driver Sam Bourne wrong. He doesn’t really like it when girls are so stuck up, so he decides to put his magic credit card terminal to use. Once they’re in front of Clemence’s house, he uses it to freeze her, and carries her inside her big, classy house.

Sam gets right to business, he positions Clemence in her bedroom and lays her down on the bed gently before sticking his dick inside her and fucking her, frozen in time. But it’s not just about fucking her, Sam unfreezes and freezes Clemence multiple times to mess with her. Each time she is surprised at what’s happening, only to place herself in a new fucking position for the uninvited guest.

He even cums in her mouth and unfreezes the time, just to watch her gag on his semen. Eventually, Sam tricks Clemence that all of this is her idea, even though she doesn’t remember much. That big dick of his is too hard to resist, so Clemence spreads her legs and willfully fucks Sam until her pussy is covered in jizz.

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Duratio: 00:18:20
Size: 139 Mb

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