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Klaire is thrilled to have a job interview for the position of “Magician’s Assistant” to local well-known performer. She’s hired on the spot, without even getting through the interview. It’s almost as if she is hired on strictly her appearance. But the magician wants to begin right away, and teach her her first trick. This one involves stage hypnosis and she is the subject. Klaire is hypnotized by the magician’s pocket watch, but instead of a simple stage routine, the magician has something more sexual in mind.

Klaire is hypnotized for her first magic trick. She focuses on the pocket watch and goes into a trance.
Klaire is brought out of trance, but whenever she hears her name, she begins barking like a dog uncontrollably.
Entranced when the magician waves his hand over her face.
Answers “yes master”.
When she hears the word “Nashville”, she gets down on all fours and presents her ass to her master.
Klaire thinks it’s time to leave, but she is again shown the pocket watch, which brings her back into a hypnotized state.
Sleepwalks while repeating her programming.
Klaire is woken up, this time she is more compliant and no longer worried.
She is told to strip off her clothes. She removes everything but her hose and heels. She is groped by her master.
Klaire is commanded out of the rest of her clothes and told to climb into her master’s lap.
Simulated sex scene – camera on bottom. (no real sex or male nudity)
Full nude.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:27:07
Size: 347 Mb

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