Girls Gone Hypnotized Sannah – Harem Girl FullHD

Girls Gone Hypnotized Sannah – Harem Girl

Girls Gone Hypnotized Sannah

Sannah’s roommate has come into possession of a magical ring, that when slipped on the victim’s finger and activated, renders that person a mindless zombie, obedient to whoever activates the ring. While Sannah sleeps, he creeps into her bedroom and puts it on her finger, turning her into his slave. She immediately wakes in a trance and follows his command to clean the apartment with the duster in her mouth and on all fours. To his surprise, she obeys without hesitation and now refers to him as “master”. Upon realizing that she is deeply hypnotized and will do anything she is told, he orders her into a belly dancing skirt and turns her into his very own harem girl. His hypnotized harem girl now awaits his commands and will do whatever she is told – no matter how absurd.

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Duration: 00:15:40
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