Intern Laura needs Alex’s help for a sex and ed lesson – Angel The Dreamgirl HD 720p

limp - 0587 Intern Laura needs Alex.mp4

She was the best student in college. Her white straight hair, expressive look, playful smile and long legs always attracted the looks of boys and older men. She wanted to become a great specialist and get a job in a prestigious clinic.
Laura did an internship for her friend’s mother. Kate was a beautiful woman, she was older than Laura and a very experienced doctor, she had her own private clinic, where she accepted regular patients who come to be treated every week again and again. What hurted these permanent patients?
Laura could not guess, but she wanted to learn everything and learn from Dr. Kate, she listened and performed everything that told Dr. Kate on the internship. How do you think…Tomorrow the intern Laura will return to the Kate’s clinic?

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