Jordana Leigh, Jade Indica – Gold Vixen & Pink Vixen in “Deception” FullHD

Jordana Leigh, Jade Indica - Gold Vixen & Pink Vixen in “Deception

Jordana Leigh

Gold Vixen (Jordana Leigh) has been searching for the missing Pink Vixen (Jade Indica) and stumbles upon her beautiful friend tied up after being captured on a mission of her own. Freeing her friend Gold Vixen convinces Pink Vixen to stay and finish the job of bringing this criminal to justice. Soon they are confronted and a battle breaks out but it seems like the power of both members of the Vixen Squad will prevail on this day as they take turns battering their foe exacting revenge. Not to be outdone the evil villain gets in a few shots but the odds are seemingly against him until Gold Vixen is taken by total shock as Pink Vixen stops fighting her enemy and stands with him, as his partner!!. In disbelief Gold Vixen now has the numbers against her and try as she might to snap Pink Vixen out of whatever spell she is under she suddenly finds herself on the receiving end of an all out beatdown at the hands of her once superheroine friend and her new Master. The two of them systematically tear Gold Vixen apart with punches,kicks,bearhugs slowly weakening the resolve of the Gold beauty until she appears completely helpless. Now defenseless Pink Vixen caresses her former friend unti in a last chance at escape Gold Vixen pushes her away. Unfortunately she is caught again and now falls under the spell of a powerful device. The villainous team enjoys their new captive and all seems lost for Gold Vixen,but she has one last trick up her sleeve. The device didnt hold her in its spell and it appears another face off is at hand,but Pink Vixen demands that her new Master allows her to finish the job and blasts Gold Vixen crumbling her to the floor in pain. They both stand over the fallen heroine and Pink Vixen delivers a massive power blast into the prone body of Gold Vixen. The victorious villain scoops Gold Vixens lifeless body into his arms as Pink Vixen kisses her former friend goodbye.

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