Kailey Ketchum – Lex Luthor Reprograms Supergirl HD

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Kailey Ketchum

When Supergirl tracks down the dastardly Lex Luthor about some missing kryptonite, she has no idea that she’s fallen right into his trap. In order to subdue her, Luthor uses the kryptonite against her. However, it’s a new type of kryptonite that Supergirl has never seen before, crimson kryptonite. When Luthor exposes her to it she begins to feel weird, feel good, feel completely aroused. She just can’t help herself and starts playing with herself right in front of him! But that’s only phase 1 of his plan. He uses his new cerebral programmer on her to permanently transform her from superheroine to a superslut. She forgets all about trying to stop him and instead only wants to use her body to please him.

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Duration: 00:26:10
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