Kendra James, Alora Jaymes – Bat Woman’s Humiliation Full Story HD

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The vile and evil Raven, played by Alora Jaymes strayed across the path of the ultimate crime-fighter herself, Bat Woman. Known for her ability to bring to justice those thought untouchable, Bat Woman, played by the bombshell Kendra James, had been tracking a series of art thefts. Bat Woman arrived right before Raven and decided to wait. Raven walked in and was surprised to see Bat Woman herself standing there. The two exchanged pleasantries and then Bat Woman sprang into action! In the ensuing drama that played out, the action went back and forth. But slowly Raven’s sheer power took over and poor Bat Woman was defeated! Bat Woman awoke to find herself handcuffed and topless! Her boots were also missing. Raven began to menace her by playing with the mighty heroine’s exposed breast. Bat Women screamed in agony as Raven twisted her nipples nearly ripping them off. Between nipple torture, Raven would tickle the poor heroine. Finally, Bat Woman thought it might be over. But then the evil villain produced a hitachi! Bat Woman tried to protest only to have a rag stuffed into her mouth. The Raven used the toy on the poor moaning heroine. Driving her so close to orgasm only to then pull away. Bat Woman was going nuts with desire. Finally Raven finished her victim off. Bat Women screamed in ecstasy. Then leaving the humiliated heroine alone, Raven left. An angry Bat Woman promising paybacks would be a bitch.
They say paybacks a bitch. Bat Woman is about to show Raven just how true that statement is. She gets loose from the very humiliating predicament Raven left her in and instead of retreating, Bat Woman waits. Raven returns and never has a chance! She gets put down hard. Then stripped, tied up, gagged and fucked! Bat Woman works her over hard making her cum several times. Then she leaves the wily villain for the police to clean up.

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