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Set in Seventh Heaven bar, Tifa Lockhart has been working extra shifts, recently marrying Cloud she’s now ovulating and craving to become pregnant. Looking around for her “Regulars” a mystery man appears at the bar, damn he smells worse than Morbol’s Bad Breath! He wants some business out back, this is great news since it means extra Gil!
I suck his filthy smegma covered cock and it gets me so wet I knew he’d want more, how can I resist? Normally I fuck with condoms but something gets me so damn horny I end up having Unprotected, high risk impregnation sex with a filthy dirty stranger in my wet ovulating pussy… it doesn’t even end there…
Biggs and Wedge overhear the whole encounter, they can’t believe I’d do that behind Clouds back! Then of course they join in using my wet hairy spunk filled pussy. (Well… only Wedge since Biggs has a Small dick) haha…
This video is a custom video – no names were used. I do have “Perverts Fantasy VII’ and “FUTA Fantasy VII” which are available to purchase but you don’t need to purchase them to enjoy this since they are all different stories. This is a tale for anyone into Final Fantasy, Hairy Bushes or Impregnation fantasy. This is the first time I ever grew my bush. Do you like it? Do you want more bush content? Let me know!

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