Lewdestbunnie – Shy Gf Summons Cum Crazy Succubus FullHD

Lewdestbunnie - Shy Gf Summons Cum Crazy Succubus


Once again, your girlfriend came to you with the intention of acting out a breeding kink scene you two planned… but she was too embarrassed to be sexual with you. She leaves, and you try not to be dissapointed, but you are very desperate to have your fantasy fulfilled. Your gf goes home, frustrated with her low sexual confidence, and wishes out loud for a way to be the sexy girl she wants to be. Her prayers are answered… by a succubus who says she can help her be sexual if she lets herself be possessed! You don’t expect your gf to return so soon, or for her to enter the door so confidently?! Things make a lot more sense when “your gf” re-introduces herself as a succubus, and tells you that in order to bind her body to earth she needs a master to serve. You enthusiastically accept the role of master, and now you have a cum hungry succubus eager to drain your cock! You find out the having a succubus for a gf has a lot of perks, such as while she blows you, you can hear her voice in your head, telepathically dirty talking while you look down at her mouth milking your cock. You cum hard into her mouth, and then you learn another succubus perk — you now have unlimited cum to feed her with! She shows you just what that means by sucking you off even more til you explode with cum and coat her face, tits, and body with a big hot load! Your new succubus gf doesn’t just need to feed, she craves to breed too! She beckons you to climb on top of her on the bed, and you fuck her hard and deep as she begs for her master’s cum to fill her womb. You give her exactly what she wants… but her wanting doesn’t stop! She plays with her big creampie puddle, sucking on her fingers, but that makes her crave more cum from the source so she pushes you back and sucks your dick still dripping from her well fucked pussy. She sucks, drools, and spits your cum all over her body, revealing in her new favorite food, her master’s cum!

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Duration: 00:25:00
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