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During her travels, the incredible Yamato wondered how many squirts she could get at one time. She decided to start with a blowjob to get more excited and lubricate the dildo. After sucking a little and playing with the dildo with her naughty tongue, Yamato bent over, took off her hakama, and began fucking her wet tight pussy. When she was half ready to orgasm, she lay on her back to fuck herself in the pussy more actively. Yamato enjoyed every penetration of her pussy, a wave of pleasure washed over her, causing her face to show ahegao. And then, finally, her body shuddered in ecstasy from orgasm and the first powerful stream of squirt burst out of her pussy! But for Yamato, this was just the beginning. Having undressed, she doused herself with oil and began to rub it over her gorgeous tits, after which she lay on her side and took the “Dragon Tongue” toy to continue fucking herself! The beautiful Yamato’s body glistened with oil, and the toy, penetrating deep into her pussy, stretched it and filled it, from which she received incredible pleasure. But this toy was not enough for her, and so after some time she took a new toy and started jumping on it. The toy was long and thick, which is why it better stimulated Yamato’s pleasure. The second orgasm was not long in coming, Yamato’s sexy body was again covered by a wave of ecstasy, and a second powerful stream of squirt burst out of her pussy! Her pussy was throbbing from the orgasms she had received and so Yamato decided to experiment and find out if she could make herself squirt if she fucked herself in the ass. She had three of her new butt plugs that looked like dragon eggs and started. At first small, it quickly entered her tight ass and Yamato immediately realized that she needed something bigger. Next came the middle plug, it was ideal for her ass and Yamato happily fucked herself in the ass with it. And when her ass was ready, Yamato took the largest plug and began to insert it into herself, it turned out to be so big for her ass that it did not immediately penetrate inside. But when Yamato managed to insert it, she screamed with pleasure, she felt how much her ass was stretched and filled with this excellent plug. She happily actively fucked herself in the ass with this butt plug. Next, Yamato took the next dildo toy, which was called Ogre Dragon, and began to fuck herself, helping herself with her fingers. As her body was overcome by a third orgasm, a third orgasm erupted from Yamato’s pussy and completely drenched her.
At the very end, Yamato was waiting for a Bukkake shower. Yamato rubbed the sperm over her body with pleasure, feeling like a satisfied dirty slut.

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