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Kylie Rocket has always wanted to be an influencer, but for some reason the only real follower she has is some old perv, Zadder1980, who likes ALL her videos. Curious why this one old dude likes her so much she does a little sleuthing and is shocked at what she finds. It’s her parent’s good friend Chad.

She goes to Chad’s home to confront him, but more importantly to find a way to get more old perv like him to follow her. After she threatens to tell about his perv account Chad reluctantly agrees to help her by showing her how to be sexier in her videos. He teaches her how to properly pose for camera, how to move her body and how to eye-fuck the camera. Soon her follower count is growing but Chad is away on business and they talk over video chat, Kylie needs him back to help make new videos. She likes seeing his reaction, its how she knows her pose is working.

Kylie then begins to tease him beautiful agony style, looking up into camera saying old guys like him shouldn’t be watching her, she’s too young for them. She begins to play with herself as she teases him more and more until she can’t take it and cums. But when she looks back, Chad has ended the call.

After that he started to avoid her and even though she was getting hundreds of new followers a day, there was only ONE follower she wanted. So she sneaks into Chad’s pool for him to find her waiting when he gets home. She didn’t however expect the water to be so cold as she tries to seduce him with her teeth chattering. Once he’s close enough she pulls him into the water with her. She wraps herself around him as they make out, Chad giving up any resistance.

He takes her to his bed room, throwing her down so he can taste her sweet pussy. She moans and teases that he shouldn’t be doing this, he’s watched her grow up after all. She sucks his cock and reminds him that she needs to be shown what to do, so Chad places his hand on the back of her head and fucks her little face until drool is spilling all over. With his cock nice and wet he starts to fuck her. She can’t believe how good his cock feels and confesses to wanting this ever since he started training her. She climbs on top and rides continuing to tease him about how he shouldn’t be doing this, until he flips her over and fucks her from behind making her cum on his big cock. Then it’s his turn, so he flips her over again because he wants to see her pretty face when he cums, the pretty face that’s been teasing him all these weeks. He tells her to stick out her tongue as he blows his load all over her body and face. She licks it up and tell him to get his phone she he can take a picture.

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