Mind Under Master Leana, Khloe Kingsley & Breezy Bri – Cam Girl Pt 2 FullHD 1080p

limp - 11182 Cam Girl

limp - 11182 Cam Girl.mp4

Cam Girl Part 2: Leana recruits her friends Breezy Bri and Khloe Kingsley into doing cam shows knowing that they will be blackmailed as well. After a session where the girls lay on their backs pretending he’s fucking them while they beg him to keep it a secret, Leana realizes something. The strange pattern of his webcam, its doing something to them, its making them want what he wants. She knows this SHOULD bother her, but it doesn’t, she likes being controlled and his next command is to get her friends ready for her stepdad. Knowing they’ll be home alone all night, the girl tell Leana’s stepdad that they need his help. The blackmailer wants to see all three of them suck his cock. He tries to tell them this needs to end, but being surrounded by three 18 year old girls kissing his neck and caressing his body, its impossible for him to resist. Leana sucks his cock as Breezy and Khloe kiss him, each one showing their gratitude for his help until all three get on their knees and pleasure his cock together. The move to Leana’s room and each girl takes a turn sucking his cock while the others kiss and whisper in his ears. Breezy can’t hold back and confesses her love for him, but Khloe quickly confesses she is in love with him too. They promise to not see anymore boys, they’ll be his and only his. They just want to hear him say he loves them. They beg until he does and then they work so hard to earn his cum.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:33:55
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