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limp - 11173 Christmas Gift

limp - 11173 Christmas Gift.mp4

Santa works his magic one more time this year, casting a spell on sweet Melanie Marie. She starts to feel it on Christmas Eve. Butterflies in her stomach every time her stepdad is near. Soon she’s playing with herself, promising only masturbate to the thought of her stepdad this one time. She begs for him, begs to please him with her 18 year old body, promises to keep it secret, promises to be a good girl for him. She loves him SO much and she’ll do anything to earn his love in return.

So she sneaks downstairs and finds him putting gifts under the tree. She look up at him with her big beautiful eyes, pleading as she promises to be a good girl from now on. He knows he shouldn’t, he knows how wrong it is but once her petite fingers start stroking his cock, he can’t resist. She falls to her knees and worships his cock with her wet, warm mouth.

He tries to tell her they should stop but she climbs on top and rides him as she tells him just how much she loves him. She begs for him to say it back, to tell her over and over again that he loves her and each time he does the more submissive she becomes. She begs to do this all the time. She’ll rush hoe from school so he can fill her full of cum everyday. He tells her to get on her hands and knees so he can fuck her from behind. He makes her apologize for turning him on, for making him do naughty things to her. She does as she’s told, promising to stay quiet as she begs for him to say ‘I love you’.

She lays on her back as he gently fucks her. She tells him she wants to runaway with him, go someplace where no one knows them so she can be his personal fucktoy all day, everyday. He can use her firm 18 teen year old body whenever he wants if they runaway together. He tells her they will. He tells her he loves her and she begs for him to cum inside her. She not on the pill but he can breed her if he wants, doesn’t he want to breed his stepdaughter? Its too much and he lets go inside of her, but she knows he has more cum waiting and start to suck it out.

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