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You’ve been my patient for such a long time and I feel like there’s a part of you that is still a little tense. I want to try something a little different today. I’m going to change into a skimpy little outfit and call you into the kitchen. Today I’m going to be seducing you. I’m going to clean the floor in such a way that you can see my sexy body. I can see that watching me clean is turning you on. Is that what it is or is it my outfit? Sit back now and watch me rub coconut oil on my legs. Do you like seeing me rub myself down? What about if I drip the water I’m cleaning with all over that thin white shirt I’m wearing? Watch me tease you and get you all excited. And you finally admit that fucking me is your fantasy. You want me to change again into my therapist outfit and strip to your favorite rock song. I am happy to oblige. So watch my hot striptease and get ready to see my hot naked body. Once I’m naked I want you to go lie on my bed and let me take control. Hold your big cock in your hand and let me tease it with my big tits. Let me kiss you deeply as I slide it into my hairy pussy. Kiss me passionately and grab my big ass as I fuck you. I love it when you suck on my titties. I want you to wet your finger and play with my tight little asshole. Then I’ll turn around and you can see me back my big booty up on your cock while I finger my ass for you. Then you can play with it. I love that you’ll do anything that I ask for. I’ll turn around and get on top of you again, sucking on my tits for you while I ride you again. Putting my tits in your mouth makes me finally cum nice and hard. I want you to cum now. I can feel you getting bigger. Give me your cum. Put that cum inside my pussy and make your fantasy come true!

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