Missbehavin26 – Ghost enters my body FullHD

Missbehavin26 - Ghost enters my body


I would like the video to start off you performing a seance. (I’d like you to wear any kind of low rise pant or short. Also a tight long or short sleeve shirt (preferably long sleeve) that covers your bellybutton, but if you move around or stretch it rides up, exposing your bellybutton). You ask if there are any ghost, and you welcome them to inhabit your body. Call out to them saying “give me a sign and enter my body”. Then say “I let you in, come inside me” you repeat this a couple times. You suddenly feel something touch you. you say, “is that you ghost, I feel your presence if you’re there, come inside my body”. You fall to your knees with your arms limp to your side, and your chest puffed out. Your mouth then starts to slowly open and you start to feel a ghost, slipping inside you down your throat. You start to get all horny as it makes its way down your throat. (keep your mouth wide open, start to swallow, repeatedly, and gag as it struggles to go down your throat. make lots of moaning sounds as well) once it fully enters you close your mouth and start to convulse and contort your body. make lots of groaning and moaning sounds as you do that. Once you finally finish convulsing, you slowly get up in a daze. Look around and wonder why you were on the floor, then suddenly you feel something moving around inside your stomach. You realize it’s the ghost. You start to act horny again And feel up your stomach Saying things like “finally, the ghost is inside me, take over my body“, “I can feel it swimming around inside me”, “ my body is yours”, “use my body as a vessel, and live inside me” and whatever ever else you would like. Then suddenly your head goes back all the way your arms go limp to your side and you chess puff out (please make sure your bellybutton shows while you do this). then slowly start to raise your head up right with a long inhale. Then have a devious look on your face (as the ghost has taken over). You can end the video there.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:04:10
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