Next Global Crisis – Pride Before a Fall FullHD

Next Global Crisis - Pride Before a Fall

Next Global Crisis

The Villain Network proudly present its newest show: ‘Pride Before A Fall’! In this pilot episode, Celestia is led to believe that a victory over the Duke is within her grasp. So much so that she can’t help but boast about how powerful she is! Right then, Killscape strikes! And the heroine’s fall in assured. Cocky super-girls must be defeated!
Here follows the words of Ec-Mayor Killscape, Director General of VTV:
“What is better than defeating a superheroine? Defeating a superheroine who thinks she has won, of course! That is the premise behind my wonderful new show; ‘Pride Before A Fall’! In this excellent first edition we have convinced Celestia that she is winning a fight against our friend, the Duke. Like all heroines, she cannot help but boast of her expected victory and belittle her opponent. That is when we strike. I arrive in all my metallic splendour, and change the rules of the game. Celestia now fears defeat, and we realise those fears together! She will still try to fight, but she will be crushed and controlled for your enjoyment! Dear viewers, I hope that you will support our new show so we might repeat it on all the other irksome superheroines!”

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