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Nyxon, Mia, and Alisha are enjoying a vacation at a nice beach resort. The girls are all very bratty and stuck-up, and made the mistake of openly making fun of one of the pool boys earlier. After the girls head back to their room, the pool boy follows them up and has a little hypnotic fun with the bratty bimbos.

All three girls are hypnotized simultaneously with a pocket watch.
The girls repeat their programming while remaining fixated on the pocket watch.
Answer “yes master” when given commands.
The girls lay next to each other on the bed and chant “must obey” in unison as they are felt up by their master.
Nyxon is made to become seductive and flirty while the other two girls lay on the bed in a trance.
Nyxon is put into a trance, made to strip, then chant mantras in a zombie pose.
Mia is brought briefly out of trance. She tries desperately to wake Nyxon out of her trance, before being put back under again herself.
Nyxon and Mia stand in sleepwalking poses and chant their mantras.
All three girls are forced to bend over the bed. Their butts are groped and slapped while they remain blank and empty.
Alisha is turned into a mindless sleepwalker. She sleepwalks nude while the other girls remain bent of the bed. All three girls chant their mantras.
Alisha is snapped out of trance and tries to wake Nyxon and Mia. Alisha is then put back under and made to dance on her master’s lap.
When Nyxon and Mia are snapped out of trance, they try to get Alisha to stop dancing naked on their master.
Nyxon and Alisha – full nude. Mia – topless, nude down to panties.

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