Onlyfans Victoria’s Ex Mesmerizes Her FullHD

Onlyfans Victoria’s Ex Mesmerizes Her

Onlyfans Victoria

The POV (which we find out later is her ex)walks up to Victoria outside on her porch. She’s annoyed that he’s there and questions him, while lighting up a cigarette. He wants to get his stuff, a very annoyed Victoria eventually agrees. He walks inside, acting like he’s going to get his things, but really starts creeping on Victoria, watching her through the window while she smokes her cig. She notices him and comes inside super mad, telling him to get his stuff and leave. He then sends her a text to her phone, she stares at it blankly for a moment, before repeating mantras.…… “I’m sorry we ever broke up” ect.
Her ex snaps and she says “yes master” and begins posing sexy. Victoria repeats different sayings, before her ex snaps his fingers. She comes out of her trance, super pissed off that he’s still there, he snaps again and Victoria goes back into her trance and starts posing again. He snaps her in and out of her trance a few more times, each time Victoria get more mad. He snaps again and Victoria takes her shoes off and poses her feet for him. She then is made to take her clothes off and pose sexy for him. He snaps her out of the trance and Victoria realizes her clothes are off, she gets super creeped out, and begins to put her clothes back on. But of course he snaps again and Victoria goes back into her trance of posing and being his slave. About a minute later he snaps again and Victoria goes outside and starts to smoke again, in her bathing suit. He scans her up and down before snapping her out of the trance. Of course she’s super mad, she locks him out, but before turning around he snaps once more. Victoria invites him in, all smiles and sits him on the couch. She tells him she’s ready to get back together, while rubbing his knee seductively.

Okayyyyy! This is my first smoking video! It’s pretty freakin hot, if you’re into that kind of thing also different location from all my other videos.—- it almost has a creepy cabin in the woods vide, perfect for spooky season! —Very sexy posing and yes there’s a foot element to this video. Please check it out. Let me know what you think!

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