Parasited Sophia Locke, Jewelz Blu – Welcome To the team FullHD

 Parasited Sophia Locke, Jewelz Blu - Welcome To the team

Parasited Sophia Locke just hired a fresh new intern, Jewelz Blu, and she’s got plans to make her part of the crew long-term. Jewelz is stoked, but there’s a catch: she has to go through an initiation process, which involves a massive fucking alien worm. Sophia hands her a glass filled with some liquid and a writhing, slimy worm, and Jewelz is immediately grossed out.

She tries to back out, but Sophia isn’t having it. She forces Jewelz to drink the nasty concoction until the worm slithers down her throat and into her stomach. This triggers some intense cramping, and Jewelz drops to the floor, convulsing from the torrent of emotions flooding her system. The plan from the start was for Sophia to seduce Jewelz and then fuck her silly, and once the worm takes effect, that’s exactly what happens.

Soon, Jewelz is under the alien parasite’s influence, her eyes turn completely white, and she’s overcome with an insatiable desire to get her groove on. Sophia spreads her legs, and Jewelz starts undressing her, her mouth finding its way to Sophia’s pussy for an intense licking session. But that’s just the beginning. Sophia wants to take things even further, and she instructs Jewelz to spit out the worm from her mouth and into Sophia’s pussy.

Now, with both of them infested by the alien parasite, Sophia and Jewelz can finally surrender to their primal desires and embark on a night of the most intense, lust-fueled lesbian action.

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