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Mr Glaze makes some odd requests and SD’s initial instinct is that something is wrong but she finds herself feeling his suggestions aren’t unreasonable as she takes more time to think about it. Even though the odd music she hears makes it hard to focus.
When she remarks on the music he seems surprised and says something to himself about super-hearing. Finally SD shakes off the effects of the subliminal signals hidden in the music but Glaze has escaped. She can only imagine his plans involving fully compliant young Superheroines as nothing more than company property.
Glaze’s nefarious plans were uncovered soon after he fled from SD. A legion of superpowered young woman fully under his control to dominate the world. Now working for herself but on behalf of the government SD has tracked Glaze to a nation with no interest in extradition. Unfortunately for him they also have to interest in trying to stop a superheroine determined to bring a villain to justice.
Glaze seems unconcerned at SD’s appearance and has moved past the subliminal acoustic control method and instead has used a protype of the Photo-mesmerizing device seized from Lex Luthor many years ago. SD is overconfident and soon falls to the devices effects.
SD is hellbent to bring make Glaze pay for her humiliation at his hands in their previous encounter. She has take precautions and had her mask upgraded with technology that defeated Luthor’s device in the past. Unfortunately Glaze anticipated this and modified the device. Not only does it penetrate her protection but now it compels a level of passive obedience to his commands.
After having his way Glaze secures Super Diva to a bondage chair so that he can have a bit more fun before making his escape … To Be continued!!!

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