Robomeats Alina West – My Favorite Pupil SD

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Mr. Bottom calls Alina into his office to talk business. Shes doing really well in the grades department but hes worried about her social life. She really needs to loosen up. Shes doing so well and working so hard. But hes here to nurture his students and make sure they succeed in all facets of life. So he talks to her about opening herself up. Shes not really sure how to do that though. Hes trying to teach her how to think with her heart and not always with her head. Make some impulsive intuitive decisions. She has such a beautiful heart and she should open it up more. Shes flattered that hes noticed how hard shes been working. He definitely notices her. Shes his favorite pupil. Shes always marks and always looks so beautiful and is incredibly well mannered. They get to talking, and he asks her about her extracurricular activities. He asks her about her boyfriend, who she just broke up with because she caught him cheating in the stairwell. Shes upset about it and he wants to help. She opens up about her boyfriend and they start talking biology and anatomy. She asks some inappropriate questions that he doesnt feel comfortable talking to her about. Now shes upset, whats the problem!? He said she was beautiful. But hes superintendent and he doesnt want to take advantage of her or risk his job. She pouts. But he sends her away. She starts to cry, her abandonment issues in full effect. He tells her to leave. She gets up to walk out of his office and he smacks the watch on his wrist, freezing her immediately. Hes turned on now. And now he can have her without anyone knowing. Not even her. He undresses her. Hes wanted her for so long. she has such a hot ass. He takes off her shirt but leaves the little school uniform skirt on. Its fuckably short. He places her on her knees and fucks her beautiful face before carrying her over to his desk. He sets her in his chair and fucks her from behind, then fucks her on his desk before he finally cums on her face. Definitely his favorite pupil.

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