SHLoFi Claire Irons, Ben Hill – Intruder Tape 03 FullHD

SHLoFi Claire Irons, Ben Hill – Intruder Tape 03

SHLoFi Claire Irons, Ben Hill – Intruder Tape 03

SHLoFi Claire Irons

Claire is away from home on a business trip (fighting crime) and misses her husband. She gets back after an all nighter, calls him before bed. Shes too tired to even disrobe – she lays in bed and passes out while still in costume. An intruder is hiding in her closet… he sneaks out while she is sleeping and decides to take a chance – lightly fondling her while she sleeps. His finger tips roam over her legs, teasing her nipples through her costume, removing one of her boots. He strokes himself looking at her sleep, cumming on her feet. As she comes too – he runs.
She awakens to discover she has stepped into something slimily – she curses the hotels maid service and stumbles over to the bathroom sink to rinse off her pantyhose clad foot. While having one leg up in the sink – her intruder attacks her from behind – syringing her in the buttocks with a powerful ‘love’ drug. She fights back and easily over powers her attacker, she pins him down onto his back…
But the aphrodisiac drug overloads her system as she begins to masturbate and pleasure herself on top of him. She grinds her cunt desperately on his body looking for some kind of relief. In peril – she is shocked and humiliated by her behavior.
He easily forces her down onto her knees and forces himself into her mouth. She uses her mouth to pleasure him to completion, shock in her eyes as his cum drips from her lips… but its not over. He drags her into bed.
He watches her molest her body as he helps her out of her other boot. She can’t help but give in to her bodies desire… he pulls out a vibrator to help her loosen up… helping her to complete multiple orgasms (real). Just when she thinks its over – her thong is pulled to the side as she begs him to stop – he begins to rape her (softcore). She gyrates into him, unable to stop her bodies desire. He has his way, despite her protest – her body is eager to help. He finishes all over her costume.
He unmasks her, exposing her true identity. But it isn’t enough… he stripes her out of her leotard, forcing himself back into her as he continues to fuck her into oblivion

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