Sloansmoans – A Reward from the Queen FullHD

Sloansmoans - A Reward from the Queen FullHD


I, the queen, welcome you back from your knightly mission. You have pleased me greatly by completing your task, and because it was daunting and dangerous, I promised you anything you’d like upon your return. You ask for a footjob and I oblige, however, I become more and more turned on as I’m stroking your cock with my toes and soles. Without much hesitance, I agree to let you fuck me as long as you make me cum 3 times before you cum. I tell you I want you to make me climax more than anyone ever has. We fuck missionary, doggy, and cowgirl… each time making me cum. By the end, I finally let you creampie me so you can stop whining about needing to cum… enjoy me, xo

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:26:12
Size: 799 Mb

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