SonyaVibe Felicia Hardy – Black Cat Loves Anal, DP, Cum and Squirt FullHD

SonyaVibe Felicia Hardy - Black Cat Loves Anal, DP

SonyaVibe Felicia Hardy, known as Black Cat, snuck into MJ’s apartment to make some money in it and found herself incredibly lucky as she immediately discovered a large pile of money and jewelry. She was so happy about this that she had one very interesting idea. She decided to fulfill her old dream and satisfy herself while lying in a huge pile of money. Felicia fell onto the bed and found oil and a vibrator in it. So she immediately unzipped her sexy latex suit, exposing her juicy big breasts and started pouring oil on them. As soon as her wonderful tits began to shine with oil, Felicia did the same with her pussy and began to caress it with a vibrator. It turned out that under her suit there was an anal plug all this time. Felicia and her pussy were so wet and shiny that just the sight of it could drive you crazy. Black Cat’s excitement increased and, having found a dildo, she began to give a slobbery blowjob. At this moment, one could drown in her green lustful eyes, full of desire to fuck. And when Felicia was done with the blowjob, she took an even larger dildo to finally fuck her pussy. She liked that this dildo was large in diameter, because there was an anal plug in her ass and this increased the pleasure she got from fucking herself. After having an orgasm and filling her pussy generously with creampie, Felicia switched to her ass. First, she played with her anal plug, after which she took a large glass dildo and began to fuck her anal hole with it. Black Cat really loved anal sex and that wasn’t enough for her, so she got up doggy style, put a huge dildo on the fucking machine and enjoyed how this miracle of technology fucked her ass and filled it with creampie. Felicia turned out to be a very insatiable kitty, so double penetration with a werewolf and dog dildo turned out to be the perfect way to complete her dream. Felicia simply went crazy from such sizes and such amount of pleasure, so she did not have to wait long for a bright orgasm, which caused a powerful squirt from her pussy! Trembling from the pleasure she received, Black Cat smiled with happiness, and another creampie flowed out of her ass. It was her best robbery yet.

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