SonyaVibe & Sia Siberia – Nekopara Chocola & Vanilla Fucked In All Holes By Master FullHD 1080p

limp - 11562 Vanilla Fucked In All Holes By Master

limp - 11562 Vanilla Fucked In All Holes By Master.mp4

In my new cosplay video, you can see me as Vanilla and my beloved Sia_Siberia as Chocola from Nekopara
Neko Cuties Chocola and Vanilla were helping their Master with the cleaning, and when Chocola left, her Master came to Vanilla, bent her over the table doggy style and started fucking her pussy. Vanilla didn’t mind as she enjoyed serving her Master and was happy to be an obedient hole for her Master’s satisfaction. After some time, Chocola returned and, standing behind her, saw the Master fucking Vanilla. She was jealous that it was not her who was being fucked now, but on the other hand, she was very excited to watch her Master and Vanilla from the side, so Chocola’s hand automatically reached out to her pussy to caress it. The master noticed Chocola and decided that fucking two submissive whores at once was better than one, so he ordered Chocola to come to him, kneel down and suck. Chocola complied with the Master’s will and started sucking his dick with the taste of Vanilla pussy. Next, the Master ordered Vanilla to join and Neko Whore Slaves began to suck the Master’s dick together, giving him unprecedented pleasure. After that, the Master in a variety of positions began to fuck Chocola and Vanilla in their pussies on the table, because they were his personal obedient holes to satisfy his lust. After the Master had enough of playing with his sluts’ pussies, he fucked Vanilla in the ass (SonyaVibe EXCLUSIVE SCENE). In the cowgirl position, Vanilla rode the Master’s penis with pleasure and was very glad that the Master chose her first. At the end, the Master put them doggy style on top of each other and began to fuck his submissive whores in the asses in turn, alternating their lustful anal holes. And again the Master chose Vanilla, being on the verge of orgasm, he sped up on her, roughly fucked her ass and came on her, after which he ordered his submissive whores to lick his cum from each other’s asses.

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