Terra Mizu and Ama Rio’s First HD 720p

limp - 11534 TERRA AMA 1.mp4

Approximately 55 minutes Long

Dressed as shown

Video quality is stable but could have been better due to connection. There will be no raised price after week 1 due to this.


– full meditation

– ama’s skirt is itchy

– ama frozen and poseable

– terra is invisible and can’t be seen by ama

– played with

– ama super happy to be my doll

– ama would do anything for terra

– ama becomes a chicken

– frozen chicken

– ama mannequin

– terra controls ama

– ama’s turn to control terra

– terra chicken’d

– ama controlling terra

– terra giving ama a foot rub

– ama in slow motion while terra moves around her

– terra in slow motion

– terra frozen and played with by ama

– terra removes her shorts

– body lock terra

– body lock ama

– lots of body lock walking

– ama and terra robots walking around

– malfunctioning

– ama mannequinized

– both mannequinized and spinning

– terra aware but ama not

– ama cheerleader for terra

– ama mirrors terra

– zombie walking with ama and terra

– put at rest bent over

– ama frozen and camera around her

– light pleasure play at the end

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:55:55
Size: 171 Mb

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