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There’s a couple (Ashlynn Taylor and Misty Meaner) whose relationship is starting to show severe strain. They sit on the couch with the therapist (Mia Hope) in between them, arguing about whatever. It’s clear that neither of them are happy with each other or happy to be here. They’re here as a last resort because this relationship has been advertised as having unique methods for solving every problem.

Eventually, the therapist gets them to quiet down and says she has the perfect solution. She’d like to mesmerize them and try to sort out the root of their issues. For the first time, the couple is on the same page. They are, however, laughing at this ridiculous idea. Mental domination is fake and would never work on them. There’s got to be another way. As they get ready to leave, the therapist pulls out her pendant and says they should give it a shot.

Content with a free show, they both shrug and allow her to go into her induction. As it turns out, the therapist is so good at mesmerizing that she’s accidentally mesmerized herself! She drifts into trance, her eyes staring straight ahead. The girls realize what’s happened and begin to laugh even harder.

The couple is so excited that they start discussing ways to punish the therapist for her silly idea. They say they’ll make her strip and act like a chicken. But that’s not enough. One suggests foot worship, which the other balks at. She quickly covers and says it was the most humiliating thing they could think of. For the first time, they appear to be getting along. They’re so excited about talking to each other this way that they never act on their ideas.

What they don’t realize, though, is that the therapist has already come out of trance. She doesn’t make a show of it, content instead to listen to the two of them plan. It gives her plenty of ideas for what she will do next.

She finally makes her presence known, looking more than a little annoyed with the two of them. But rather than make a scene, she offers another deal. If they let her try again, she’ll give them this session for free. Thinking that she’ll just mesmerize herself again, they agree to let her try another induction. This time, they sit next to each other while the therapist sits on the right side of the screen. The therapist avoids a backfire and successfully mesmerizes the couple. They fall into deep rest, collapsing into a cuddle.

Rather than focus on their relationship, the therapist is out for revenge. She has the first girl strip naked and get on the floor to return the favor. Foot sniffing and worship. Just like the therapist, it doesn’t seem like the first girl is into it. But the therapist instructs her that this is now her kink and her favorite activity in the world. As the first girl eagerly complies and submits, the therapist has the second girl strip topless. She is then made to watch and play with her breasts while offering encouragement to her girlfriend.

The therapist then has them switch roles. The second girl strips fully nude and goes into foot sniff and worship mode. Unlike her girlfriend, she needs no command to get into it and is enjoying herself the whole time. The first girl is then made to watch and play with her breasts or pussy while giving instructions on how better to serve their mistress’s feet.

By the end, the therapist has both girls worshiping her feet while fingering themselves. In between sole licks, they are made to kiss each other. Both look so content and happy. The therapist advises them that they’ll both return to her on a regular basis, believing that this therapy is the only method to fix their relationship. Both girls agree and the scene fades out.

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