Victoria & Lily Corrupted by Evil 1-2 FullHD 1080p

limp - 11290 Lily Corrupted by Evil.mp4

Victoria is opening up boxes, she comes across a evil/demonic looking necklace. She’s offended and throws it away. Later that night we see Victoria in bed. She wakes up, walks downstairs and gets the necklace out of the trash. She puts it on, and tries to fight it. Eventually she gives in and is taken over. She opens her eyes, which are now red and she’s repeating evil things. She leaves the house and comes back wearing a sexy outfit. She puts back lipstick on, walks around and vapes, saying how she’s going to free her master by turning all the good girls into slutty-succubus. She calls Lily and invites her over.

Lily comes through the door. Victoria told her to close her eyes when she got there, she said she had a surprise for her. Victoria then takes Lily by surprise and puts the demonic necklace around her neck. Lily tries to fight it but eventually gives in. She opens her eyes and they are red and now she is evil. Victoria gives her a box and has her change. She comes back wearing a sexy outfit, puts on black lipstick and vapes with Victoria. Victoria has Lily leave to go get their masters mark(a tattoo). She comes back and they are evilly laughing about how they are going to corrupt all the innocents of the world.

This is actually two videos, a part one and a part two. That I put together. I’m selling it at a cheaper price than I would If they were separate. So take advantage! ?? hope you like the evil versions of Lily and I ??

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:19:45
Size: 729 Mb

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