VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE – Traded For Cash Western Wonder Woman FullHD

VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE - Traded For Cash Western Wonder Woman

VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Bushwacker Wonder Woman and extra-special guest star NORTHBOUND Store # 51405 as Moonshine Bob

STORY : Our story begins with local legend Moonshine Bob talking to Enrique (one of his henchmen) about a batch of moonshine that needs to go out before the end of the day. As he directs Enrique, Moonshine Bob calls his employer, the powerful and wealthy industrialist known as Mr. Takagi. It seems that Japan has a powerful thirst for Bob’s fruit-infused craft moonshine, and business profits have never been higher!
Unfortunately, Bob’s limited-edition “Summer Lovin’ With Your Cousin” apple moonshine also has a potent batch of botulism, and the A.T.F. has asked the Inter-Agency Defense Command to intervene in the case on their behalf before it becomes a health epidemic. Steve Trevor sends in I.A.D.C. specialist Diana Prince to investigate. Dressed in a shiny green blouse, tight denim blue jeans, OTK white leather boots (and matching belt) and a wide-brimmed 1970’s sunhat, Diana is the very model of 1970’s fashion!…

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Duration: 00:27:13
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