Ama Rio, Sablique Von Lux – “Freeze Trigger” Playful Freeze Fun FullHD 1080p

limp - 11094 exhibit.mp4

Sablique Von Lux and Ama Rio are having a lazy day watching a TV show with a magical freeze part. Sablique chimes in mentioning that she recently saw someone freeze at an exhibit. Ama doesn’t believe it, but Sablique offers to show how it’s done. It’s quite simply a word that triggers the mental state of the other person. Mid sentence, Sablique says, “freeze” and suddenly Ama is suspended in her position. Sablique smirks as she decides to mess around with her friend. She moves her and then snaps her fingers, releasing her from limbo. Ama tries to retrace Sablique’s words, finally zeroing in on “freeze”. Now Sablique is stuck! The pair take turns suspending the other in time and pulling funny pranks. Finally, Sablique pulls a fast one on Ama who ultimately loses and is to remain stuck for as long as Sablique likes.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:12:20
Size: 457 Mb

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