Angel The Dreamgirl 418 Supergirl taken as Cum Toy part 1

Angel The Dreamgirl 418 Supergirl taken as Cum Toy part 1

Angel The Dreamgirl 418 Supergirl taken as Cum

You are a Supergirl, so you should be wearing a blue spandex/lycra/shiny/smooth supergirl leotard wrapped tight around your pussy, long red cape over your shoulders, with a cute red miniskirt, red boots, and most importantly, black pantyhose. I hope these things are not too hard to find. I enjoyed your outfit from the “First battle” and “Super sperm” but I thought it was a little baggy, so that’s why I’m being very descriptive 🙂

Your personality:

You are supergirl. You’re a good-girl. A virgin crime fighter, but you secretly think about what it would be like to just stop being all good and just be dominated by a villain.

Scene 1 (~2 min):

You’re at home wearing normal clothes. Flashback to the last villian defeated and remember that he said to you: “I hope someone will show you your place and just fuck you up like the slut you are!” You take out your supergirl outfit from closet and put it on slowly, along with your pantyhose. You walk around your house, up the stairs, camera focusing on your body and legs, don’t zoom in too much. You touch yourself a bit, wondering what it’s like being captured by a bad guy. You sit down on a chair/couch and cross your legs. Camera pans around your long legs.

Meanwhile our neighbor is walking by outside and sees you through the window. He realizes that you are supergirl and you are horny! He is actually a burglar and never knew supergirl’s true identity. He thought you’re just the girl next door who likes to wear pantyhose. Now he knows.

Scene 2 (3-4 min):

It’s the next day. You walk out of the house in business blouse, skirt and one of your black tights, going to your regular day job. Your neighbor decides to sneak into your house to try to steal your things and maybe blackmail you. He goes into your dresser and finds your stockings and twirls it around his cock, jerking off while thinking about your superheroine pussy.

Meanwhile, you head back to your house because you used superhearing to detect someone in your house. You speed into your closet and put your supergirl outfit on to confront the villain. He’s prepared. You fight, he overtakes you. He ties you to the wall (or side of the bed, somewhere where we can get a good shot of your body), and taunts you about how weak you are. You try to resist. He lifts your skirt, pokes a hole in your pantyhose at your pussy, and uses a vibrator on you. And you climax for the first time because it just feels too good. You’re ashamed that a superhero like you just cummed in front of a lowly thug. He pulls your hair, spits on your leotard and mocks you for being such a slut, and leaves you tied there.

In Scene 2 when you walk out of the house to go to work, please wear a miniskirt and heels with upskirt shots

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