Angel The Dreamgirl 418 Supergirl taken as Cum Toy part 2

Angel The Dreamgirl 418 Supergirl taken as Cum Toy part 2

Angel The Dreamgirl 418 Supergirl

Scene 3 (3-6 min):

Later, he returns. You’re still tied up in rope. He comes by, slowly touches your lips, you look at him helplessly, and he takes out his cock and fucks your mouth with it. Camera pans around to look at your cape, then under your mouth and his dripping cock going in and out of your mouth. He makes you deepthroat. You’re ashamed, you’re crying. He cums IN YOUR MOUTH and you suck and lick his cock and let the cum ooze out of your mouth and onto your nylon thighs. You’re left there again, tired. Camera takes a long and nice shot of the ropes of cum on your leg.

Scene 4:

(6-7 min) In Scene 4, you’re not tied anymore, and just waiting for him playfully to fuck him. Let me make Scene 3 easier: at first you’re tied, then in the middle of blowjob, he unties you and you to give him blowjob in other positions. Camera often pans to your legs and also his cock disappearing into your mouth, yours lips wrapped around it 🙂 When he cums, have him cum on your chest, on the ‘S’ sign. You still have your outfit on (leotard, cape, skirt, open crotch pantyhose). You tease him and rub your thigh over his cock and sitting He fucks you doggy, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. Camera doesn’t zoom in too much to show your whole body.

Then, he takes your cape and chokes your neck with it while fucking you. You enjoy it very much. You tease him “you like fucking my super pussy? huh? Is this what you wanted? to fuck my brains out and cum on my nylons? you rub your thighs over his cock. The cumshot: He fucks you some more and can’t wait anymore. you close your legs together and he cums all over your thighs, pantyhose still on. You gasp in joy as ropes and ropes of cum falls onto your leg. You slowly massage the cum into your pantyhose and thighs. Then, a huge load of fake cum is squirted all over your legs and you completely massage the whole thing into your legs, maybe cum on your own thinking about what just happened. Please have him cum on your nylon thighs and you play with it as if you hunger for it with long shot and focus on the cum and legs. You take off your pantyhose and let him keep the cum stained pantyhose as a souvenir 😉

Your red boots are fine and perfect, but you don’t have to wear it the whole time, just in the fight

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