Freeze Sam Bourne, Sirena Milano – The Escape FullHD 1080p 2024

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Sirena Milano’s morning began just like any other, except with a tiny twist, today, she received a rather mystery gift right in front of her dorm room. The gift is clearly addressed to her, so there’s no confusion but who would do that? She sure didn’t expect to receive anything. She starts to open it, revealing a mysterious wooden box. Inside the box was a voucher, and with it, she could choose to participate in an escape room, with the possibility of earning 100.000 Euros. Well, that sounds like enough money to solve all her problems and get her through school with ease, and all it takes is to participate in a game? Next thing you know, Sirena finds herself in a small room, ready to play the game and get that money. She hears a voice over the speaker that allows her to ask three questions, and unfortunately, she blows all three on mundane questions that won’t help her with the escape room. She has an hour to complete the escape room, and it seems easy enough but not even a minute in, a man appears inside the room in an instant, as if he teleported there. She gasps and gets her back against the wall, stunned by this supernatural occurrence. Before she’s able to utter a word, that man, named Sam Bourne, freezes the time. This mysterious man gets closer to her, clearly looking to have his way with the sexy schoolgirl who got tricked into playing a game she can’t win. While she’s frozen in time, Sam unbuttons her top and starts squeezing her perky tits, while one of his hands rubs Sirena’s pussy under her mini skirt. Sam unfreezes the time, and now instead of feeling scared, she’s… aroused? Sirena is confused and horny, and before she’s even able to convey what’s going on, Sam stops the time once more. He lifts Sirena up and places her on top of a table, then starts licking her pussy over black pantyhose. He then steps back and lets her stare at him in awe and arousal, right before he stops the time again. This time, he takes things a step further, Sam rips her black pantyhose open and sticks her hard cock inside Sirena’s pussy. Frozen in time, Sirena gets fucked on top of the table by Sam’s thick cock, who gradually starts to feel her pussy clenching harder and harder around his cock. Suddenly it grips too tight, so he pushes off, and leaves, unfreezing time. Sirena suddenly started shaking uncontrollably, going through an orgasm, the joy of which was cut off by a voice from the speaker, informing her that she had failed the first test, and the prize had been reduced to 90.000 Euros. She’s a smart girl, so she starts thinking about everything that has happened so far. And her theory is that she has failed because she came. Guess she needs to change her approach next time. Once Sam blinks in again, she is unfazed and prepared. Sirena swiftly knocks the time freeze controller from Sam’s hands and takes control of the room, she has to get him off before he gets her off in order to win.Sirena puts on her best performance ever, she sucks and fucks like never before, all to get this hung stud to cum before her. Not an easy task but one she will be successful at, escape the room, and earn the money she so dearly needs.

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