Girls Gone Hypnotized – Paisley Gets Trained 4k 2160p

limp - 11055 Paisley Gets Trained.mp4

Paisley has family in town staying with her and her parents. While she is alone with her uncle, she asks him why he was trying to hypnotize her mom the day before, and she tells him she thought it was weird. She tells her uncle there is no way she herself could be hypnotized, and her uncle takes this as a challenge. He uses a pocket watch to put Paisley into a trance, then programs her to be his little slave for the afternoon, or at least while her parents are out of the house. Paisley has no choice but to obey her uncle. While under hypnosis, she sees him as her master and will do anything he says, not even really aware that she is doing it. Paisley is forced to rub his dick with both her hands and feet, strip completely nude, and eventually give him a foot job, all while in a hypnotic trance.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duratio: 00:14:22
Size: 1.21 Gb

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