Girls Gone Hypnotized – Brainwashed Brats Kami and Mia FullHD 1080p

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Kami and Mia want to work out in the living room, but Kami’s boyfriend is on the couch. The girls begin bullying and berating him because he doesn’t want to leave. The girls are brats in need of a complete mental makeover. He uses a spiral to hypnotize them both and teach them a lasting lesson.

Mesmerized by a spinning spiral.
Refer to him as “master” now.
Both girls chant random mantras while blank and mindless, and being felt up by their master.
Kami rubs Mia’s boobs while both girls remain in a trance.
Both girls sleepwalk like zombies while chanting “we will do whatever you say” in unison.
Made to do erotic and sexy stretches together, remaining blank and mindless while chanting their mantras.
Both girls expose their bare chests.
Made to stick out their tongues and roll their eyes.
Sleepwalk topless and barefoot while chanting “being bratty is bad”.
Both girls are commanded to remove their pants.
Kami sits in their master’s lap while Mia stands behind her, caressing Kami’s body. Both girls smile and tell their master how turned on they are by being controlled by him.
Kami and Mia happily caress each others naked bodies.
Both girls sleepwalk nude while chanting “we are not in control”.
The girls kneel before their master and pledge obedience to him.
Full nude.

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Duratio: 00:16:22
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