Girls Gone Hypnotized Kami and Mia – Hypno Battle 5 FullHD 1080p

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Kami and Mia are two bickering roommates. Mia is mad that Kami keeps stealing her clothes, and Kami is mad that Mia won’t let her. It seems the girls both have the same idea though – hypnotize the other one to get what they want. Kami and Mia both try to hypnotize each other at the same time, but who’s hypnotic techniques are better

Kami and Mia try to hypnotize each other with pocket watches at the same time.
Mia wins first. Kami can’t take her eyes off of the golden pocket watch. She goes into a trance and under Mia’s control.
Kami repeats the programming that Mia gives her.
While in a trance, Kami refers to Mia as “mistress”.
Mia makes Kami take her dress off and hand it back over to her.
Mia inspects Kami’s naked body as she is forced to submit and pay Mia compliments while in a trance.
Kami is made to apologize to Mia, and rub her shoulders.
Kami must crawl on all fours and tell her mistress that she is now a good girl.
Kami is forced to dance in a trance while Mia records her.
Kami kneels before Mia, as Mia takes her deeper with the pocket watch.
When Mia drops the watch, Kami snaps awake and grabs it, then uses it to hypnotize Mia.
Mia repeats the programming that Kami gives her.
Mia sleepwalks while chanting “I am your hypnotized slave”.
Mia is again told to focus on the pocket watch. She is made to remove her dress and let Kami “borrow” it.
Mia chants the phrase “I will obey Kami” as she walks like a zombie in her panties.
Mia is made to rub Kami’s feet while repeating her programming.
When Mia snaps out of her trance, both girls hypnotize each other at the same time.
Mia – topless, nude down to panties.
Kami – full nude.

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